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Buxus Spiral 7ft
Buxus Spiral 7ft
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Buxus Spiral with Planter

156.00 In stock

Buxus Topiary Spiral 100cm and Chealsea Planter 30cm will add a touch of style and sophistication to any garden, balcony or patio.
This attractive, evergreen Buxus Spiral is supplied with
sand finishplanter to add instant impact and style to any home or garden.

Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens), also called: Common box, European box, Abassian boxwood.
It is a slow growing hardy native evergreen plant with fragrant foliage.
Boxwood flowers are yellow appearing in late spring.
The very dense growth habit and small, glossy dark leaves
of the boxwood make it ideal for low formal hedging and topiary.

Care guide for Buxus
Watering Water regularly which means at least twice a week in dry times.
Clipping Clip the plant to keep the shape.
This should be done before there is too much growth as it will be harder to reshape the plant.
Clipping should be done in the growing season, from May and no later than the end of September.
Feeding Feed the plant every two weeks during the summer, a liquid feed is a good idea but buy one that does not encourage flowering.
If you see the small pale yellow flowers in the early spring remove them from the plant by nipping them out.
If the plant flowers too much it takes the nutrients from the leaves.
Treatmentreat the plant for red spider mite, box is susceptible to this and needs spraying in mid
May to prevent infestation over dry summer months.
Again use a mix with water and spray onto the leaves of the plant.
The plant will need re-spraying about 10 days after the first spray.
You can buy the brand name for this from your local garden centre.
If you see small white to cream scratch marks on the leaves of your plant spray for spider mite again.
The spider mite eats its way around the leaf by following the vein lines.
Planters Box is a very forgiving plant and does well in most situations.
It can get tired if left in planters for too long, and we suggest that if it is looking
yellow/orange then it would be advisable to increase the size of the planter,
or to root trim the plant.
Root trimming should be done in the dormant season, not in the height of the summer months.
To root trim remove the plant from the planter and
cut around the outer fringes of the root to make the rootball smaller, then replant with some fresh compost and food.
Finally, if the plant is in full sunlight in a planter,
turn the whole thing around once a fortnight to prevent the root system from scorching.

Please Note
Bay tree and planter delivered separately with clear planting instructions.

If you would like a quote on bulk order or looking for different sizes, please give as a call on 01257401193

Product Updated Sun 23 Dec, 2018