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Buxus Topiary Pom Pom 5/6ft
Buxus Topiary Pom Pom 5/6ft
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Commen Laurel Hedge 125cm-150cm

24.00 In stock

Prunus Rotundifolia rootball hedging plants 125c-150cm (4-5ft)

Cherry Laurel one of the most popular hedging plants. Plants are very healthy and bushy
Evergreen with glossy, dark green leaves.
White, sweetly scented spring flowers. The Cherry Laurel is also an immensely practical hedging plant:
it is not particularly fussy, requires little maintenance.

Rootball hedging plants are only available for delivery between Nov and March.

Please contact us if you require quote for bulk order

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Product Updated Wed 16 Jan, 2019
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