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Taxus (Yew) Cloud Tree

£1500.00 In stock

Taxus Baccata Cloud Tree 140-160cm

‘Stylish, elegant, beautiful, a real statement’ are just some of the words which
have been used to describe this fantastic Bonsai Cloud Tree.
Also known as Yew Cloud Tree or Taxus Baccata Bonsai.
Those Topiary Cloud Trees have been specially shaped to form an
appearance of clouds on layered branches. This mature Cloud Tree makes a unique addition to any garden and will be a
treasured possession for years to come. This premium quality Bonsai Cloud Tree will make perfect unique topiary shape.
Size :140cm-160cm above the pot

If you would like a quote on bulk order please give as a call on 01257401193

Product Updated Wed 9 Jan, 2019