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Photinia Fraseri Red Robin hedging plants




Photinia Fraseri hedging plants

Evergreen hedge with glossy dark green adult foliage, and variable red tinted young leaves, especially as they just unfold. ‘Red Robin’ is one, a choice form with eye-catching juvenile growth the colour of sealing wax, similar to a pieris.

Red Robin, or Red Tip Photinia, gets its name from the bright red young leaves which appear each spring on the
the tips of every twig and stem, creating a superb show of colour that few other evergreens can compete with.
The leaves gradually change through a muddle of oranges and bronzes to a lush, dark green during the summer, forming the backdrop for the next year’s performance.
As long as Photinia gets plenty of sun, the new foliage will be followed in late spring by branching clusters of little white flowers with pale purple stems.
These become little round, red fruit in autumn.

Photinia makes fantastic hedges, screening trees, topiary and fine specimen trees.

Garden care of Photinia Little Red Robin: Keep well-watered during the growing season and feed with a slow-release fertilizer.
Clipestablished plants lightly twice during the summer months to retain a balanced shape.

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